Hey! It’s me, Beth, a happy-go-lucky introvert who loves to explore the outdoors and discover new places.

While most people find their world in one person or place, I have always been dreaming about discovering more of the world – the beautiful sights, unique cultures, and the genuine kindness among people that you can only encounter through travel.

So this year 2023, instead of building a stable career straight out of college, I began working on my dreams and started to slow travel.

The Beginning


My first solo travel experience was back in 2017, when I just turned 18. Living in a small town from a third-world country, this was my first big leap of getting out of my comfort zone. It was truly fulfilling knowing how capable and free I am and have loved to chase that feeling since.


In contrast to being born and raised in an island province, the mountains looked more of an adventure to me. So while all my travel plans were canceled during the pandemic, I chased waterfalls and climbed mountains instead, and found a new hobby out of hiking.

The Bird

I haven’t accomplished great things in life, hit rock bottom, or quit a 9 to 5, but I always reflect on life – what it is about and how short it is, really, that we have. With that, I would love to fill mine with lifelong experiential learning. They say true freedom is not about doing anything you want but doing the things you love, and that is how being a free bird should be expressed.

The Blog

I’ll be sharing my hike and travel experiences, guides, tips, and anything else that I hope can help and inspire you to start your own journey too.